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If you’re interested in selling your practice while maintaining partial ownership and control.

To qualify you must be operating a profitable dental practice with at least $1 million in annual revenue, we do not partner with distressed practices.

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Through a private equity partnership, you have the ability to scale your practice while keeping ownership. This partnership gives us access to all kinds of discounts, CE opportunities, staff training, management help, and networking events throughout the year all while keeping transition seamless.

By using this effective model, it allows you keep the important qualities of your family practice while being able to utilize the benefits of a larger group. It is a partnership that is helping hundreds of doctor owners across the country maintain total control of their practices while getting the tools they need to grow.

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“With a typical DSO, I wasn’t really interested in looking into some of the corporate dental models that are out there. I didn’t want big brother trying to come in and mess with our practice because we have such a great thing going! You still have the autonomy of your own private practice but you’ve got this partnership with a company that has so many things in place, where you still get to make the calls, but you’ve got this back door where they can help you with finance, marketing, they have a legal team. They have so many outlets that as a private practitioner it’s nice to have that help alongside you. I’m excited about the growth of MB2 I think it’s only going to grow and I’m excited to be a part of the team”

-Dr. Lucke, Lucke Dental

“Dr. Cooper and his staff and the other dentists here are so warm, helpful. If one is not here, the other one jumps right in and makes sure that you’re taken care of. The whole group is like a family. We would not consider going anywhere else.”

-Dr. Montgomery

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